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We honor our three generations of tequila making spirit in each sip of Tres Generaciones®, striving for the ultimate legacy - a tequila worthy of your glass.

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Explore our range of craft tequila, where the passion for Mexican tradition blends with modern craftsmanship. Each bottle tells a unique story, bringing the authentic spirit of Mexico directly to your palate.

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Our Story

Triple-Distilled Excellence: Honoring the Three Dons and Tres Generaciones Legacy.

The story of the three Dons and Tres Generaciones is the story of tequila itself.

They left their mark on the world, and we honor their legacy with a refined, triple-distilled tequila worthy of carrying their family name.

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Don Cenobio Tres Generaciones
Don Eladio Tres Generaciones
Don Francisco Tres Generaciones

Our Story

1st Generation : 1873

The trailblazing visionary, Don Cenobio Sauza founded “La Perseverancia” distillery, and became one of the first to export tequila outside of Mexico. If you know this spirit, it’s likely thanks to him.

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2nd Generation : 1903

By 26, Don Eladio Sauza was already the big jefe at “La Perserverancia,” and worked hard to take it to the next level. He championed recognition for the name “Tequila” when exporting to America.

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3rd Generation : 1946

Don Francisco Javier Sauza changed the game. Known as the first global ambassador of tequila, carefully crafted a small batch of tequila to commemorate his family’s 100 years and three generations of wisdom and skill in tequila-making, creating tequila we know of today as Tres Generaciones.

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Related Cocktails

Explore unique tequila cocktails inspired by the legacy of the Dons and Get Up Tres dreamers, offering versatile flavors for unforgettable moments.

Tres Hibiscus Marg

Tres Hibiscus Marg

Tres HIBISCUS MARG is a vibrant cocktail with an enticing ruby red color. On the nose, it offers floral and fruity notes with a hint of citrus. To the palate, it balances sweetness and acidity, with the distinctive flavor of hibiscus harmoniously blending with the tequila. A refreshing and complex drink, perfect for those seeking a sophisticated summer experience.

Tequila Cocktail pink Tres Generaciones
Tequila cocktail Hibiscus Marg Tres Generaciones
Tres piña paloma

Tres piña paloma

Tres Piña Paloma is a tropical delight in a glass, blending the bold kick of tequila with the sweet embrace of pineapple and a zesty hint of lime. Topped off with grapefruit soda, it's a fizzy, vibrant escape to a fruity paradise. Each sip is an invitation to a brief, refreshing journey into the lively essence of the tropics.

Tequila Cocktail Pineapple Tres Generaciones
Tequila Cocktail Pineapple Tres Generaciones
Tres ‘73

Tres ‘73

The Tres 73 is a luxurious cocktail that seamlessly blends premium Tres Generaciones Añejo with effervescent champagne. An unparalleled taste experience, perfect for celebrating special moments with sophistication and style.

Cocktail 73 tequila bottle Tres Generaciones
Cocktail 73 tequila bottle in the pic Tres Generaciones
Tequila shots and bottle Party Tres Generaciones

Our Unique Process

Our roots within our heritage run deep. That’s why our tequila is still produced at the same distillery where Don Cenobio began everything back in 1873— La Perseverancia. Our agave is hand selected only when perfectly ripe. We fresh-press our agave, extracting the juice before it is cooked, resulting in reduced bitterness and a crisp, agave-forward flavor.

Tres Distillation 
After cooking and fermenting our agave, we take it a step further with our Añejo, Plata, Reposado, and Cristalino by distilling for a third time, rather than the typical two distillations process. As pioneers of this method, we believe this extra step removes most impurities in our tequila, producing a more refined flavor without any harshness.

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