Signature Cocktails

Cocktail and Bottle Tres Generaciones

Tres ‘73

The Tres 73 is a luxurious cocktail that seamlessly blends premium Tres Generaciones Añejo with effervescent champagne. An unparalleled taste experience, perfect for celebrating special moments with sophistication and style.

Cocktail 73 tequila bottle Tres Generaciones
Cocktail 73 tequila bottle in the pic Tres Generaciones

Tres piña paloma

Tres Piña Paloma is a tropical delight in a glass, blending the bold kick of tequila with the sweet embrace of pineapple and a zesty hint of lime. Topped off with grapefruit soda, it's a fizzy, vibrant escape to a fruity paradise. Each sip is an invitation to a brief, refreshing journey into the lively essence of the tropics.

Tequila Cocktail Pineapple Tres Generaciones
Tequila Cocktail Pineapple Tres Generaciones

Tres Hibiscus Marg

Tres HIBISCUS MARG is a vibrant cocktail with an enticing ruby red color. On the nose, it offers floral and fruity notes with a hint of citrus. To the palate, it balances sweetness and acidity, with the distinctive flavor of hibiscus harmoniously blending with the tequila. A refreshing and complex drink, perfect for those seeking a sophisticated summer experience.

Tequila Cocktail pink Tres Generaciones
Tequila cocktail Hibiscus Marg Tres Generaciones


Explore signature tequila cocktails that represent the legacy of the Dons and Get Up Tres that is penned by the dreamers who inspire others to chase their aspirations. Our cocktails have versatile and unique flavors to create new memories.

Join us in raising a glass to the mastery behind each blend and savor the extraordinary journey encapsulated in every carefully crafted cocktail. Cheers to the art, the flavour, and the sheer pleasure of Tres Generaciones.

Cocktail Plata bottle Tres Generaciones

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